Sunday, December 21, 2008

Today has officially become "catch up on blogs" day! I have decided that helping save people money totally falls into the saving the world category so here I go with this new post.

When I watched the Sex & the City, I desperately wanted to find a parallel to the bag swapping done by Carrie's lovely intern, Louise. Once again, College Candy has come through in a pinch with their blog on You pretty much just exchange clothes/outfits with cool kids all over the globe. I just signed up and will keep you posted about how it works and my success (I'm only assuming it has to be awesome).

Organic Babies!!

I nanny for a family with two adorable children. The mother is trying to go green with their diets and toys to keep them as safe as possible. I stumbled across the perfect Christmas present today (yes, I am politically incorrect and you can politely bite me if you don't like it) and purchased it immediately. It's a book, apparently the first of at least a two part series, written by Lynda Fassa entitled, "Green Babies, Sage Moms". The book is only $14 on plus shipping. I can't wait to take a peek after I give it to the mother.

Fassa is quoted on the site saying, "I wrote this book because it took me years, and tons of mistakes, before I figured out what the really important, doable, and not-too- expensive choices are that will protect my kids and family."

How cute is the baby on the front?!

CB Goes {Green}

Refer to Lisa's lovely post on fabric wrapper! Always happy to pass on the word of Little Lisa (: