Monday, November 24, 2008

second greatest vice = music

For all those who have read my blogs about shopping to do your part, this blog is a close second. I love, love, love music. I love going to concerts (big woo for my lovely tailgating crews, too). I love buying random Cd's and playing them out. Well, I have a few music related ways to do your part.

First off, GREEN OWL who are quoted as being "a NYC-based record label started by artists for artists with the idea that great music can be sustainable—both economically and environmentally. GREEN OWL is committed to respecting this planet through the use of green technology." Where can I sign up?! GREEN OWL's website has tour dates, events, and many more more ways to get involved. Participating artists have posted their music on the website as well. There are definitely some different sounds which I can sink my teeth into! Whether or not you like this style of music, you have to give big props to their teams for actually putting forth the efforts of sustainability.

Second, Putumayo World Music whose Cd's have been selling since 1997. Relatively new to the music world, their songs and ideas have been selling through the roof. PWM now has 21 offices in 15 countries around the world. I came across their music at a little shop in Cameron Village Shopping Center called Ten Thousand Villages. This store in itself is enough to blog about. They are constantly having days of sales donated to various organizations. I actually bought the Putumayo Presentation of One World, Many Cultures. I listen to it all the time while I'm getting stuff done around my apartment. I'm pretty big on cross-cultural interactions. At Putumayo Online, they are currently selling lots of Christmas and other cultural mixes that are great stocking stuffers, not too expensive, and simultaneously donating to a great organization. What's not to love??

I will leave you now so you can shop through these pages and find your musical niche!

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