Thursday, November 20, 2008

to croak or not to croak

I truly believe that making lists and post-it notes are the key to success in life. I cannot throw lots of thoughts into my head and expect them to stay sorted and get done. I also make lists about EVERYTHING! Long before the movie came out, I have been working on personal lists. Things to do before I die, 10 steps to being a better person, and the like. I have made a master list, my Croak List, of all the things I want to do with my life. I thought I would keep them here so I could also find my list and it would never get thrown away on accident or washed in my jeans. I thought it would likewise be a good idea to share it with those I love to inspire them to better themselves. Here goes nothing...

visit all 50 states
- NC, SC, MD, VA, TX, MA, CA, GA, FL, AL, LA, & NY.
visit all 7 continents
- N. America, Australia, & Europe.
visit 10 major cities
- Sydney, AU, Berlin, Germany, Mexico City, Mexico
10 Cultural Events Outside my Own
- WWE-Raw, Aborigine Fair, AU

- Guitar (in process)
- Solve Rubik Cube
- Surf (Once, in AU)

- Change 2 things about myself.
- Let go of one thing in my past that holds me back.
- Teach someone else something that matters to me.
- Learn to love someone completely.
- Get over my ex-boyfriend for real this time.

Still a work in progress (:

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  1. I knew that I had to try surfing at least once while I was in Australia (despite living in Southern CA I had never done it!) and I was SO sore after. I don't think I was meant to be a surfer ;)