Monday, June 8, 2009

Jacques Cousteau

I read an article online about a Cousteau-inspired research adventure conducted by the Antinea Foundation. I think this is a grand idea. Jacques Cousteau was a huge idol of mine, as I'm sure he is to many marine scientists, and on World Oceans Day, who better to write about? I've read and thoroughly enjoyed some of his books including a biography. When I was in Middle School I wrote this little poem for an English assignment. Enjoy :-P

Jacques Cousteau
Jacques Cousteau could talk to killer whales;
He would feed them fish from silver pails.
In his job he saw many tiger sharks
And electric eels that give off sparks.
He always tried to give to me
Information about the deep blue sea.
Jacques sailed on the Calypso ship
and took pictures of his lengthy trip.
He photographed the ocean bottom,
And when he saw sunken ships, he would plot'em.
Using this, he gave to me
Information about the deep blue sea.
With all of his French Navy skills,
Jacques made movies of underwater seals.
He helped develop many inventions;
Everything he did was with good intentions.
Because he was all he could be,
He knew much about the deep blue sea!

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