Sunday, January 4, 2009

Tragedy is So...Tragic

I woke up this morning to an IM from a girlfriend of mine. She was informing me her sister who lives in VA had her house burn down last night. First of all, who leaves that on an IM !? Luckily sister was ok but her dogs aren't. One died and the one that lived through has bad smoke damage in his lungs and it's eyes are a little burned. Sister was out to eat with a friend and when she got home her house was ablaze. I really like that word. Ok, one more time ...ablaze. There was a problem with a wire in the kitchen and that's how the fire initiated. All of her things are gone. I can't imagine. Again, luckily, sister's fiance has a house nearby so she at least has somewhere to stay. She's been busy and excited planning their wedding and now this. I feel so bad for sister and all she is facing at the time. When things like this happen you just have to rely on other people's good nature to pull you through.

Speaking of fires, one night I was driving a car full of people back from, I think, a football game and we passed a house with a strange light. We argued back and forth about the origin and I decided to u-turn at the next light and go back. Come to find out, the house was on fire and there was a boy on the roof stuck scared. We talked him down and called 911. The house was heated by one of those old heaters that you plug-in.

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